Wicker Center

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Staying healthy and happy

The Wicker Wellness Center provides comprehensive health, wellness and confidential counseling services with a staff of nurse practitioners, registered nurses, a collaborating physician, a registered dietitian and licensed psychologists.

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    Get a flu shot, a vision test or a term abroad physical. Obtain treatment for illnesses and injuries. Pick up your prescription medications. Keep calm with a candlelight yoga class.

    Group education opportunities in everything from stress reduction to diet and nutrition help you manage the challenges of college life or simply lend an ear when you need one. Many students enjoy spending time with our certified therapy dogs – some of the top dogs on campus. Visit with them on-site, or take a stroll around campus with these loveable canine companions.

A nurse converses with a student seated on the examination table in an examination room.
 A perspective of the Wicker Wellness Center lobby, featuring the visible front desk with staff positioned behind it.

Three students inside Wicker Wellness Center sit near one of the therapy dogs resting on the floor.