Inspired spaces

No matter what your STEM field, our campus environment is designed to spark your passion for exploration, discovery and reasoning in scientific and technical fields – and empower success in your future studies and career. Here’s a look at some of the exciting ways you can delve into the STEM disciplines at Union.

Aerogel Lab

The Aerogel Lab in Wold Center

MANUFACTURE some of the lightest materials known in the Aerogel Lab.

Location: Wold Center

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Biology suites

One of the College's biology suites

DO cutting-edge work in tissue culture and molecular biology suites.

Location: Integrated Science and Engineering Complex and Wold Center

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Center for Data Analytics

Center for Data Analytics

LEARN about how to acquire, analyze and visual data in our Center for Data Analytics.

Location: Wold Center

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Center for Neuroscience

The Neursocience lab in Butterfield Hall

UNDERSTAND how the brain works, with studies in everything from neuroethology to the intricacies of cognitive processing, in the Center for Neuroscience.

Location: Butterfield Hall

Energy and Environmental Engineering Suite

One of the energy labs on campus

EXPLORE sustainable building design and renewable energy systems in the Energy and Environmental Engineering Suite. Design, set up and monitor prototypes in the Rooftop Energy Research Lab.

Location: Wold Center

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Ion-Beam Analysis Laboratory

The Ion Beam Lab

USE a 1.1-MV tandem pelletron accelerator and other sophisticated instrumentation to probe the nuclear structure of objects in the Ion-Beam Analysis Laboratory.

Location: Integrated Science and Engineering Complex

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Virtual reality in the Peter Irving Wold Center

FABRICATE and tinker in our Makerspaces, interdisciplinary labs that support maker activities using digital and analog tools, including virtual reality technology, 3D printers and scanners, a laser cutter, CNC router, soldering kits and more.

Location: Wold Center

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Union Observatory

F.W. Olin Center

VIEW the planets and gain a galaxy of knowledge by using the Union Observatory, which features a 20-inch Ritchey-Chretien telescope with SBIG CCD camera and a 7.5-foot radio telescope for research projects in observational and radio astronomy.

Location: F.W. Olin Center

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