Majors & Minors

World Musics and Culture


Learn about Indian raga music or Tuvan throat singing. Perform in the Union College Japanese drumming ensemble. Study with Indonesian master performers on the island of Bali.

World Musics and Cultures is an interdisciplinary program of courses, concerts and performance opportunities that explore the diversity of the world’s people and their music.

This program, directed by a full-time ethnomusicologist and offered through the departments of music and anthropology, focuses on Africa and the African Diaspora, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America.

Students can:

  • take a range of courses that reveal the intersection of music and cultural anthropology
  • develop skills in ethnographic methods
  • encounter specific musical styles and cultures through hands-on performance and academic study

Our World Musics Room is home to a variety of global instruments and an extensive music library. The Union College Jazz Ensemble performs original works and classics on campus and at festivals and other venues.

We also offer a mini-term abroad in the Performing Arts of Bali, with daily group instruction with master performers in both gamelan and dance.

As a world musics and cultures minor, you will gain a unique understanding of culture through music. Students who have graduated with an interest in ethnomusicology are currently studying at graduate institutions.