Admissions Office

Key Messages


At Union, you’ll develop a network of mentors who will push you out of your comfort zone and support you along the way. Professors, faculty advisors, and class deans will help you discover and refine your interests and strengths, point you to the right resources, and celebrate your growth and success.


At Union, you’ll gain deep knowledge within your academic major(s), but you’ll also explore alternate perspectives. You’ll experience the cross-pollination of ideas and insights from disciplines that engage disparate knowledge bases, divergent skillsets, bodies of evidence and ways of analysis. Your individualized experiences will expand your intellectual flexibility and enhance your people skills.


At Union, you'll expand and share your academic interests through research, internships and terms abroad. Whether on campus or out in the world, these experiences will bring together coursework, faculty or industry mentorship, and teamwork that will deepen your understanding of both subject and self.


At Union, you’ll immediately find a vibrant, welcoming and intercultural community. Our innovative Minerva Program creates an opportunity for students to take the lead in connecting with students and faculty through programs that bridge the academic and social worlds. Students also come together through 130 clubs and organizations: culture and identity, religious and spiritual life, performing arts, community service, club sports, politics and activism, and more.

Preparing for Multiple Tomorrows

At Union, your academic, career and personal growth will be intentional and cultivated with the guidance of faculty and staff, and a robust alumni network. You’ll leave with the self-awareness, knowledge and adaptability to both thrive and make a difference in an ever-changing world and ever-evolving workforce.