Students and AI

Union College students are embracing the power of AI in their research endeavors, a trend that is prominently showcased at the annual Steinmetz Research Symposium. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, students are integrating AI-driven methodologies into their projects across disciplines.

From engineering simulations guided by machine learning algorithms to sociological studies employing natural language processing for insightful sentiment analysis and more, the incorporation of AI is yielding novel insights and augmenting the depth of our students' research.

A student at Steinmetz poster session demonstrates an arm cast that makes use of artificial intelligence

A machine learning-based system to forecast weather in remote locations, John Pipes ‘23, faculty sponsor: Michael Okwori, Engineering

Assistive Robot for People with Disabilities, Bao Vo ’23, faculty sponsor: Shane Cotter, Engineering

Big Data: Development of Fouling Strategy for College Basketball, Julian Zapata-Hall ‘23, faculty sponsor: Roger Hoerl, Mathematics

Controlling Voxel-Based Soft Robots with Quality Diversity Algorithms, Logan Walker ‘23, faculty sponsor: John Rieffel, Computer Science

Improving Human-Robot Interaction: Modifications of a Social Robot on Dimensions of Gender and Personality, Daniella Mass ’23, faculty sponsors: Kristina Striegnitz, Computer Science; George Bizer, Psychology

Optimizing an Assistive Brain Computer Interface that Uses Auditory Attention, Leonardo Ferrisi ‘23, faculty sponsors: Kathryn Feller and John Rieffel, Neuroscience

Predicting Future Workload of Cloud Datacenter, Son H. Nguyen, faculty sponsor: Nicholas Webb, Computer Science

Effects of Robot Eye Gaze on Task Performance, Haley Kresch ‘23, faculty sponsor: Kristina Striegnitz, Computer Science