Campus Safety

Residential Safety

Tips to keep your home safe while you are away

  1. Make sure all locks are in working order.
  2. Use timers for lamps and radios to give your apartment an occupied look and sound.
  3. Close all curtains. Keep valuables out of sight and in a secured location.
  4. If you return home and think it has been entered, Do Not Enter. Call police immediately.
  5. Do not keep keys under mats or other hiding places. Keep them with you at all times.
  6. Never advertise that you are not home with notes on your door

Tips to keep you safe at home

  1. Keep doors locked at all times. And use a peephole to identify visitors
  2. Don’t allow strangers into your building or apartment. Call the police to report strange activity.
  3. Keep keys in your possession at all times. Don’t lend them out.

Protect your personal property

  • Perform a “safety audit” around your apartment using the Public Safety checklist.
  • Participate in Campus Safety Operation Identification
  • Write down the model numbers and most importantly, the serial numbers valuable property.
  • If you are staying home during breaks, keep an eye out for your neighbor. Report all suspicious activity immediately to the police.
  • Get to know your local police department members and campus public safety officers. Make sure you have the phone numbers near your telephone and remember, in an emergency, just dial 911.