Campus Safety

Reporting Crimes and Emergencies

Witnesses and victims of a campus crime or emergency, as well as anyone who is suspicious of people or situations on campus, are urged to contact Campus Safety or local authorities immediately.

Campus Safety can be reached at campus extension 911 from any campus phone line (for emergencies) and 6911 or 6178 (for non-emergencies or concerns), or from an outside line at (518) 388-6911. Police Department assistance can be reached at 911 from an outside campus line for emergencies and Schenectady Police Department at (518) 382-5200 for non-emergencies.

Each residence hall room is equipped with a campus telephone outlet, and a phone is also located at the main entrance of each residence hall. One can also report incidents in person to Campus Safety, located at College Park Hall front lobby or a separate office at 645 Nott Street. If a person is unable to contact Campus Safety directly to report an emergency, that person should notify a coach staff member, administrator in charge, or residence hall staff member, who, in turn, will contact Campus Safety. In the case of any reportable offenses covered under the Clery Act, an incident is officially reported resulting in that incident being listed in campus crime statistics when it is reported to “any official of the institution who has significant responsibility for student and campus activities.” This includes housing and disciplinary staff (e.g., Dean of Students, Director of Greek Affairs, Resident Advisers, and Housing Assistant Directors), the athletic director and coaches, and faculty advisers to student groups. The College has an agreement with local police who will monitor any criminal activity at off-campus student organizations which are recognized by the College, including student organizations with off campus housing facilities. In addition, local police will reach out for additional local and state police resources as needed.