Campus Safety

Trolley Stops and Operation

The trolley runs in a continuous route “clockwise” on and around the campus (each trip takes approximately 30 minutes). A trolley will arrive roughly every 30 minutes, except during required driver breaks. Service is 6 pm to Midnight, Monday through Friday during the academic term.

Pickups will be made at designated locations only – these are marked with a “T.”

The trolley begins its route at College Park Hall.

Stops on Trolley Route

College Park Hall

West College

Richmond House

North Terrace

Fero House

Reamer Campus Center

Raymond House / Potter House

Hickok/Edwards/1294 Lenox

University Triangle: ON CALL

Wicker Wellness (South & Alexander Lanes)

Beuth / Golub Houses

Smith/Grant Hall

Old Chapel

Davidson House

Fox House

College Park Hall