Submit Course Material

Submission/Processing time - Reserve material:

  • Faculty should complete and submit a Reserve Submission Form for all physical items including Schaffer Library and personally owned items.
  • Please include:
    • Professor's name
    • Term required
    • Course number (including section)
    • Course name.
  • Please contact Mary or Jason to discuss alternate loan periods and to submit item lists.

Items we are NOT able to place on Course Reserve:

  • Items that belong to another library or from another lending service.
  • Non-Circulating Schaffer Library Items: i.e. Journals, Reference, “Special Collections”, etc

** Note: If material is not owned by Schaffer Library you may "Suggest a Purchase". Please allow ample time for ordering and processing when placing these requests. For further info, contact Raik Zaghloul, Collections Development Librarian.

** Purchased items will reside in the Circulating Collections of Schaffer Library when not requested for a specific term for Course Reserves.

Please allow ONE WEEK for processing of Reserve Material at the start of each term.

  • Later in the term, please allow 2-3 days for processing.
  • Material submitted on Friday will not be available for student use until Monday afternoon.