Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering program at Union College blends technical training with the liberal arts to create global engineers for the 21st century. Civil engineers focus on creating and maintaining the essentials of human life including water, shelter, infrastructure and energy in increasingly more sustainable ways. Our curriculum focuses on developing the skills necessary to create resilient, sustainable, and equitable infrastructure for the cities of tomorrow.

With an emphasis on hands-on undergraduate research using instrumentation typically found at the graduate level, students build a strong core in engineering fundamentals, mathematics and basic science. The curriculum covers such areas as infrastructure, water and air quality, pollution and contamination control, transportation and mass transit, energy (conventional and renewable), and construction management and materials.

Career possibilities are expansive. Given the tremendous flexibility of this field, graduates will find opportunities to work in a wide range of industries and settings in both the corporate and governmental sectors. All our students have access to all of the resources offered by the career center, including mock interviews, career fairs, internships, career counseling and alumni networking.

As part of our Engineering and Computer Science Initiative (ECSI), we have launched new majors in Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering. We are pleased to announce that these programs have now been officially registered with the New York State Education Department.

The Civil and Environmental Engineering department is now actively preparing to seek accreditation from the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of ABET.

Courses & requirements