Community Standards

Chapter Management Guidelines

Conflicts between Union and Organizational Policies

Those students who also happen to be members of fraternities and sororities are accountable at several levels: Union College, the local chapter, the governing council and the national organization. However, Union is not responsible for deciding matters of pure organizational policy, which means any concerns members have regarding decisions made by their chapter or inter/national headquarters must be resolved through organizational channels. Union College will intervene only when there is a breach of Union College policy.

Basic Chapter Operational Requirements

To be considered an active chapter at Union College, and organization must:

  • Have at least four fully initiated members currently enrolled at the College.
  • Belong to, and actively participate in a governing council.

If the chapter currently occupies a College owned facility and wishes to keep this space, they must also:

  • Maintain 95% occupancy rate for the house (determined by the College, will vary based on location).
  • Abstain from vandalism or misuse of the building.

Membership Policy

Beginning with the Class of 2005, the College instituted a “Sophomore Recruitment” process for all Greek letter organizations. Simply stated, students may not apply for membership in Fraternities and Sororities until they have obtained sophomore academic standing. First-year students (freshmen) are prohibited from participating in any fraternity/sorority Recruitment or Membership Intake activities organized or sponsored by any College recognized Greek Organizations as defined above, and/or by the respective governing councils’ guidelines. Fraternities and Sororities are also prohibited from extending bids and/or membership invitations to any student who has not obtained sophomore academic status. Failure to abide by this policy may result in sanctions on the chapter, up to and including Loss of Recognition (See "Fraternity/Sorority Recognition").

Extension for NPC Women's Sororities (in addition to College policies)

When all NPC chapters are over or close to total, or a need arises as determined by the Panhellenic Advisor and the Panhellenic Council, consideration will be given to adding another chapter. Such a chapter shall be organized through colonization by an NPC fraternity. NPC guidelines should be followed as closely as possible when establishing a new chapter. The College reserves the right to override an NPC rule, which is in conflict with a decision made by Union College officials. All new chapters seeking recognition must provide proof of insurance to the Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students or designee prior to colonization.

All expansion activities, including colonization and subsequent conferral of recognition, must be approved by the Associate Director for Greek Leadership.