Community Standards

Definitions and Terminology

Fraternity & Sorority Life Terminology

  • Active

    A fully initiated member of the chapter.

  • Bid

    A formal invitation to join a fraternity or sorority. Although you may receive several bids, you may only accept a bid from one organization.

  • Chapter

    The local group of a Greek organization on campus.

  • College Panhellenic Council (CPC)

    College-advised council representing the three traditional sororities currently present on the Union campus. Council is governed by the rules of both the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) and Union College.

  • Community Service

    Coordinated hands-on engagement volunteer work/labor in the community, often done in conjunction with an agency or special cause.

  • Greek Event

    Any event or activity that is sponsored, endorsed, organized, or hosted by a fraternity and/or sorority or any of their members, or any event that a reasonable observer would associate with the fraternity and/or sorority. This also includes events or activities communicated by word of mouth or unofficial advertisement, whether they take place on College property, non-College owned off-campus properties, or at any other venue. The following bullets are meant to offer some examples and are not intended as the only way an event or activity can be considered a Greek Event:

    • The Chapter pays for any part of the event or activity through the Chapter account or collection of funds from individual members.
    • The event or activity is advertised by or associated with the Chapter in any way (flyers, handouts, announcement at Chapter meetings, email list serve distributions).
    • Attendance of the members (regardless of how many there are) present at the event or activity is based upon their affiliation rather than their individual initiative (i.e., is it more likely they attended because of their affiliation?).
  • Initation

    The ritual or process which brings a new member into full membership.

  • Interest Meeting or Informational Meeting

    Meeting held by Multicultural Greek Council fraternities and sororities to dispense information about the membership intake process (applications, fees, due dates etc.) and recruit new members.

  • Interfraternity Council (IFC)

    College-advised council representing the fraternities currently present on the Union campus. This council is governed by both the rules of the North American Interfraternity Council (NIC) and Union College.

  • Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)

    College-advised council representing both culturally based fraternities and sororities, as well as local fraternities or sororities on the Union campus.

  • New Member

    A currently-enrolled student that meets all College requirements for membership in a Greek organization, has received (and accepted) a bid or invitation for membership, and is working towards initiation/full membership.

    You can find more information specifically about the New Member Education process at this link.

  • New Member Presentation (Probate/Surfacing)

    Traditional revealing of newly-initiated members in Multicultural Greek Council fraternities and sororities.

  • Philanthropy

    An event or project designed to raise funds for a community non-profit or charitable cause.

  • Potential New Member (PNM)

    A currently enrolled student that is being recruited to join a fraternity or sorority but has not yet accepted a bid or invitation for membership.

  • Recruitment

    A period during which fraternities and sororities seek out and engage interested students by demonstrating what each organization offers its members. This is also the period where the Interfraternity Council and College Panhellenic Council will offer bids to potential new members.