Community Standards

Hazing Education

Hazing is an unproductive and hazardous custom that is incongruous with organizational and community values. It has no place in College life, either on or off campus. No policy can address, in specific fashion, all possible situations which may take place. Students and organizations are expected to conduct themselves and their activities in a spirit of social responsibility and respect for others.

Even when demeaning or embarrassing behaviors do not appear overtly harmful in themselves, as where the participants appear to engage in them willingly, they may constitute hazing if they are part of an organization's initiation or activities involving members and if they are likely to produce mental or physical discomfort, stress, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule. The determination of whether a particular activity constitutes hazing will depend on the circumstances and context in which that activity is occurring.

Students should ask themselves if they could satisfactorily explain a questionable activity to parents, the parents of a fellow-student, a College official, a police officer, or a judge. If not, then the activity probably constitutes hazing. When in doubt about an activity, students should ask a Dean, coach, or other College employee who works with student organizations, groups or teams. They can provide additional examples of behaviors that might constitute hazing, examples of positive group-building activities, assistance with organizing non-hazing events to foster teamwork and cohesiveness, and other relevant information and support.

Education and Prevention