Community Standards

Hazing Reports

Allegations of hazing, including anonymous allegations, may be reported 24 hours a day through the anonymous report form accessible at the Fraternity and Sorority Life, Athletics, Dean of Students, or Campus Safety websites. Union College students and employees are encouraged to notify appropriate College officials of any perceived instance of hazing, as defined by College policy and/or New York State law.

Reports may be made directly to Campus Safety (518) 388-6911 or local law enforcement (518) 382-5200 or to the Associate Director of Residential Education for Greek Leadership, Athletic Director, coaches, advisors, Deans or other College officials who have responsibilities for student organizations. Reports can also be made electronically and anonymously via our Anonymous Hazing Report Form.

Employees receiving such reports must share them with the Campus Safety, which is responsible for determining whether the alleged behavior must be reported to law enforcement authorities.

The Associate Director of Residential Education for Greek Leadership, upon notification of an allegation of hazing involving a fraternity or sorority chapter, will notify the Headquarters of the fraternity or sorority and/or the alumni advisor.

Any Union College student identified as a potential witness must cooperate fully in the course of the investigation or disposition of possible violations of this policy or any standard of conduct. Cooperation may include meeting or communicating with Campus Safety, the Associate Director of Residential Education for Greek Leadership, the Office of Student Activities, Deans, or other College officials as requested.

It is an expectation of citizenship in this community that students with information about possible violations of community standards respond and participate when called. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.