Community Standards

Outcomes and Accountability

Students and organizations may be subject to criminal prosecution for violation of the New York State law prohibiting hazing. Conduct or events that may constitute hazing and that could result in disciplinary sanctions will be referred to the Student Affairs Office for possible adjudication according to the Student Conduct Code. The Organizational Misconduct Committee is responsible for adjudicating cases involving organizations alleged of Hazing Policy violations.

Organizations found responsible for violations of this Policy should be prepared for organizational sanctions in accordance with our procedures and, depending upon the nature and severity of the violation, other sanctions which may include: educational programming, being placed on probation, loss of member recruitment privileges, loss of the privilege to host Social Events with Alcohol, removal from chapter house and/or loss of housing privileges, and loss of recognition.

The full range of possible sanctions for organizations other than Greek organizations violating this Policy and the Student Code of Conduct can be found in the Student Handbook and, with respect to athletic team violations, the Union College Athletic Department Handbook. The Organizational Misconduct Committee will review and determine responsibility for policy violations in accordance with our accountability procedures. More information about the disciplinary process can be found in the Code of Student Conduct.

Outcome Reporting

As a further means of holding an organization or team that hazes accountable for its actions, the details of hazing violations, and the consequences to the organization or team, will be reported publicly on an annual basis, provided that a public report would not cause additional harm to the students who have been hazed.