Community Standards

Risk Management Guideline

Prohibited Activities

The following activities and behaviors are banned. They are considered extremely high risk activities and can result in significant personal injury, danger to oneself or others, or property damage. Failure to abide by these guidelines will result in the sanctioning of the chapter, up to and including loss of recognition/suspension.

  • The use of materials that will damage College facilities or create a need for unusual/excessive cleaning, such as paint, sand, water, foam etc.
  • Any use of human performers/dancers (exotic dancers, strippers, go-go dancers) and/or props (cages and poles) that encourage or promote this activity in fraternity and sorority houses.
  • The use of “kiddie pools” and slip ‘n slide devices in any form at a chapter function, gathering or event.

Please note that these prohibited acts are in addition to the College's prohibited conduct detailed in the Code of Student Conduct.

Dry Recruitment and New Member Education/Intake Process

Recruitment occurs during the second week of each term. In order to participate, students must have achieved sophomore academic standing (9 or more credit hours) and have a minimum 2.50 cumulative GPA. Dry Recruitment is defined as any period of time organized by the organization for the recruitment of potential new members, and must be completely alcohol free. Alcohol may not be present in any form during recruitment events, even if it is not being served to potential new members. This is in effect for the entire recruitment period. It is also the expectation that the laws of the State of New York will be followed regarding the legal drinking age at any event outside of recruitment and/or education activities.

  • The New Member Education process at Union College is also 100% dry (alcohol free).
  • All chapters must submit a calendar of events outlining the date, time and location of each new member education activity by the end of the recruitment week.
    • In the case of MGC organizations, the calendar must be submitted before invitations for membership are extended.
  • All new member education events must end by midnight.
  • No more than three hours per night may be used for new member events.
  • Sleep-overs and lock-ins are prohibited.
  • All new member education events must occur on campus unless approved. Initiation must be completed by week 9.

Fraternities & First-Year Students

In order to help facilitate a healthy and safe introduction to college life for all Union College first-year students, the Fraternity and Sorority community has adopted a standard social events practice for the start of the Fall term of each academic year. Specifically:

  • Weeks 1 and 2 : Fraternities and sororities will not host social events with alcohol on campus. All on-campus houses will be dry. This period coincides with the College-established recruitment window and guidelines (See “Dry Recruitment.”)
  • Weeks 3 through 9: Fraternities and sororities may host registered social events with alcohol under the following guidelines:
    • 9 PM - 11 PM: Mixers/Invite-only - Fraternities and sororities may host either a mixer (meaning an event between fraternity and sorority members) or an invite-only event. In both cases, a “guest list” must be submitted along with the event registration.
    • 11 PM - 1 AM: Open event - Following the conclusion of the mixer/invite only event, fraternities and sororities may open their registered social events to additional campus community members.
  • Week 10/Finals Week: Fraternities and sororities will not host social events with alcohol.

During this period, fraternity and sorority chapters are strongly encouraged to

  1. host alternative events that do not include alcohol, AND
  2. attend College-sponsored social activities or events.

Fraternity/Sorority Social Events with Alcohol

In addition to the requirements set forth under the Social Events with Alcohol Policy, for all Greek Social Events with Alcohol, the Greek organization is encouraged to comply with the North American Interfraternity Conference’s Alcohol & Drug Guidelines (NIC) Risk Management Policy. If the NIC requirements are more stringent than the College requirements, the NIC requirements shall be followed.

You can download a copy of the NIC Guidelines.