Digital Scholarship at Schaffer Library

Digital Scholarship

Critically engage with data and computing technologies

Digital scholarship is research and teaching that critically engages with data and computing technologies. Digital scholars employ computational tools and methods to extend knowledge production, dissemination, and preservation, while also uncovering technology’s limitations, biases, and misuses to create a more just and equitable digital world.

What We Do

Interested in the digital humanities, data science, digital exhibitions, open access, or integrating digital methods into the classroom? Please be in touch!

The Digital Scholarship Initiatives (DSi) team at Schaffer Library is available to help students and faculty incorporate digital methods into their research and teaching, and we can assist with every stage of the digital scholarship lifecycle, from initial conception through long-term preservation.

Our services include providing instruction on digital tools and methods; consulting and collaborating on digital projects; advising on open access and open education, and managing long-term digital curation and preservation.

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DSi is committed to the following principles:

Values statement

  • Supporting ethics

    We welcome digital projects that support critique and engagement; that advance economic, environmental, and social justice; and that give voice to underrepresented groups

  • Recognizing labor

    We ensure that all involved labor is compensated and credited fairly, and we actively counter exploitation

  • Promoting openness and accessibility
  • Protecting privacy

    We protect privacy rights and eschew technology that violates privacy, such as by collecting user data

  • Guaranteeing rigor
    • We promote critical thinking about digital media and tools, not their uncritical use.
    • We advocate research that is data driven and projects that value insight over style.
    • We promote the use of digital tools only when they are needed, not for the sake of computing or seeming innovative.
    • Ensuring sustainability
      • We support digital projects that are planned and built for long-term access

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