Digital Scholarship at Schaffer Library

Differential Calculus

Faculty Creator: Professor Joy Wang



Platform Used:

Omeka, with features: video uploading, tagging, and metadata.

Screenshot of the Omeka site for MTH 110

Home page for Professor Wang's Differential Calculus site.

Project Goal:

The goal of the project was to promote a student-centered learning and create a community that is supportive for learning and growth. Students were expected to construct their own understanding of the material, communicate mathematical thinking and reasoning, and develop problem-solving skills.

Why Digital?

This platform provided an effective way for engaging students and a new tool integrating formative and summative assessments. Every two weeks students created a short real-time video aimed at their peers towards one learning target. Through this process, not only did they elaborate, communicate, and evaluate ideas, but they also structured a more enduring understanding of the material. This allowed students to demonstrate mastery of a concept, as well as make connections between the content and the real world. In addition, this platform helped the members of the class, including myself, to get to know each other better and bridge the distance in e-learning through viewing and commenting on each other's work. As a long-term positive outcome of the project, the collection of videos will benefit future teaching and learning.

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