Digital Scholarship at Schaffer Library

Nott From A Distance

Creator: Mallory Nelson


Fine Arts

Platforms Used:

Omeka, with features: image uploading, tagging, and metadata.

Project Description:

The goal for this project was to find a way to connect union students and faculty to campus during spring term when no one was there. I used the center of Campus, the Nott Memorial, to try to remind students of our campus and our community even when we were scattered across the globe. This was a project that I created for my final project in Lorraine Cox's Creative Placemaking which focuses on how we, as artists and creative people can help create senses of community in a lot of different means.

Why Digital?

This system allowed me to easily collect and share images submitted by the community. It also has allowed it to be viewed from anywhere in the world in a few different modes, both in a more standard website view and also by embedding an ArtSteps virtual gallery that people could look at the images in a more physical way.

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