Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering Department

ECBE Capstone Projects

The Capstone Design Project in the senior year is a great opportunity for students to work on a project of their own choosing.

BME majors work on teams to tackle problems that are identified during a Summer Clinical Immersion Program at the nearby regional hospital Albany Medical Center (AMC).

EE and CpE majors work individually, or in small teams, with a faculty member or local ECE professional for a 30 week duration.There have been many interesting projects over the years and some sample projects from the current year are given in the sections below.

The capstones culminate in a final presentation to all students and faculty. Here are the programs from the last couple of years

2022-23 Senior Project Presentations

2021-22 Senior Project Presentations

  • Sample Biomedical Engineering Capstone Projects
    • Increased Efficiency Kidney Stone Removal Device

    • Cuffed Pediatric Endotracheal Tubes

    • An Improved Plate Design to Correct Pediatric Flat Feet

    • The Theia Soteria: Alternative Design for Safer Initial Entry During Laparoscopic Procedures

  • Sample Computer Engineering Capstone Projects
    • Autonomous Flocking μ-Sub (AFμS) (with ME students)

    • Machine Vision Recycling System

    • Human Facial Recognition Software in a Real-Time Mobile Setting

    • Increasing Computer-Vision Efficiency Using Hardware/Software Partitioning

  • Sample Electrical Engineering Capstone Projects
    • SAE AERO motor and telemetry

    • Electronic Counter-Counter Measure Capabilities of Chaos Based FM Radar

    • Modelling Pumped-Storage Hydro to Store Renewable Energy and Avoid the Duck Curve

    • Polyphonic Audio Detection, Conversion & Transcription