Environmental Health and Safety


Safety Team Committee

The EHS department coordinates the College's Safety Committee which meets monthly. The Committee identifies and listens to safety concerns of the community, analyzes appropriate responses, and makes recommendations directly to senior staff and relevant campus departments. All members of the campus community are welcome to attend safety committee meetings in order to report safety concerns. Safety concerns can also be reported to the committee by Email or by contacting any member of the safety committee.

Immediate safety concerns should be reported to Campus Safety and Security at (518) 388-6911.

Academic Affairs Safety Committee

The Academic Affairs Safety Committee (AASC) meets quarterly and its members represent the Science, Engineering and Theater & Arts Departments. The Dean of Academic Departments & Programs is also a member, and the Committee is chaired by the Director of EHS. The purpose of the committee is to:

  • Develop, document, and disseminate policies and procedures to meet current College and regulatory requirements.
  • Ensure that equipment and physical spaces where students and faculty work are in compliance with College and regulatory agency specifications.
  • Identify safety hazards across campus and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Review and document department-specific training practices for students and faculty.

If you have a safety question or concern, or are interested in being a member of the AASC, please send a message to ehs@union.edu.