Office of Intercultural Affairs

Religious & Spiritual Life


Exploring your faith and others

Union College values religion as a crucial part of cultural diversity and our social identity. We recognize the diverse religious worldviews and beliefs we have amongst our Union community members and we are dedicated to building religious fluency among students, faculty and staff. Our goal is to provide students with the opportunities to explore their faith and spirituality as well as offer students multiple platforms to learn about other traditions through programming and interfaith dialogues.

Multiple religious and spiritual groups thrive on campus, and the College has several faith leaders/advisors (listed below) to offer guidance and support to students. There is an Interfaith Prayer Room in Reamer Campus Center where serves as a dedicated space for our students and employees to pray, meditate or practice their spirituality.

Additionally, to continue our goal to be an inclusive campus, the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life has worked closely with our faith leaders at Union College to create a comprehensive list of religious holiday observances for the academic year. Check out the calendars below.