Law and Humanities

Law and Humanities

About the Minor

The aim of the Law and Humanities minor is to explore the intersection of law and various disciplines within the humanities, such as literature, philosophy, history, political science, and the classics.

This interdisciplinary program seeks to provide students with a deeper understanding of the cultural, ethical, and historical dimensions of law, and how it shapes and is shaped by human experiences and society. By studying legal texts alongside works of literature, examining legal principles through the lens of philosophy, and delving into the historical context of legal systems, students gain a broader perspective on the complexities and implications of law.

The Law and Humanities minor encourages critical thinking, analytical skills,
and an appreciation for the social, cultural, and ethical implications of legal frameworks. It offers students a unique opportunity to explore the dynamic relationship between law and the humanities, fostering well-rounded individuals with a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of legal systems in a broader social context.



For more information concerning this minor, contact:
Prof. Tommaso Gazzarri


If you are interested in pre-professional orientation and pre-law advising, contact :
Prof. Bradly Hays

Career Opportunities:

For pre-professional career opportunities, contact:
Pete Fowler, Senior Associate Director of Career Education

For more information about this program, contact:

Tommaso Gazzarri
Director of Law and Humanities