Union Women in the news

A graphic that says International Women's Day

Union Women in the news

Nothing is beyond the reach of Union women. Check out some of the latest news about faculty, staff, students and alumni below.

Catching up with...Nicole de Silva

Visiting assistant professor of history Nicole de Silva grew up in Riverside, Calif., where a landscape once filled with orange groves is now more dominated by rows of midcentury suburban tract housing.

Catching up with...Sarah Schmidt

As the director of Special Collections and Archives at Schaffer Library, Sarah Schmidt stewards some of the College’s most precious possessions and goes to great lengths to make what she can available to the campus community as well as the general public.

Catching up with...Leahanna Pelish ’07

An administrative assistant for the departments of Anthropology, Classics and Philosophy, and the Religious Studies program, Leahanna Pelish ’07 has worked at Union since 2016.

Catching up with…Weiwei Zhang

At 5 a.m., when most of campus is asleep, Weiwei Zhang and a crew of about 60 are on a mission, hustling between academic buildings and residence halls

Catching up with... Holli Frey

Professor of geosciences Holli Frey grew up Duane, N.Y., a town of 137 people in the northern Adirondacks, where her parents were the town supervisor and a tax collector/medical technologist, and also ran a cabin and boat rental business.

Catching up with...Kathryn Maitoza

Kathryn Maitoza joined the Office of Admissions in January 2019 as the assistant to the vice president for admissions, financial aid and enrollment.