Mechanical Engineering


Spring 2023

Discussion of special topics in mechanical engineering important to professional development such as current engineering practices, engineering ethics, codes and standards and intellectual property. Required for all ME majors during the Fall and Winter terms of their Senior year and Spring term of their Junior year as part of the process of selecting their senior writing experience.

Spring term 2023 seminars are mandatory for all of our Juniors and as always other students are welcome to attend if interested.

These seminars will be held every Friday during common hour (1:00-1:45) in OLIN 115.

The tentative schedule will be posted soon.

Prof Rebecca Cortez (

Spring 2023

  • Week 1 - March 31st - Senior project poster session

    This will be held in ISEC basement level atrium.

    Our Mechanical Engineering Seniors who completed their Winter 2023 MER 498 student projects’ will showcase their posters:

    Paulo Reyes… Nathan Constable… Dean Gendels…Alexis Nikitas… Shannon Tucker.… Tingwei Ao (Kenny)…Aidan Kask… Thomas Cavallo (Tommy)… Natalie Shearing… Emily Abruzzese… Anna Hoffman… Katelyn Olsson… Justin Paschke… Colleen Buckley… Andrew Nordell… William Good (Will)… Srihari Balaji (Hari)…

  • Week 2 - April 7th - Prof. Cortez - Union College ME Dept Chair

    Prof. Cortez will discuss senior experience options. Be sure to attend so you may ask questions about such options.

    Juniors will also have to complete a survey of the ME courses for making plans on taking during your senior year. She will share the survey link with students during seminar and give time to complete it there.

  • Week 3 - April 14th - Prof. Cortez - Union College ME Dept Chair

    We will continue our discussion of senior experience options.

    Faculty who will be advising ME senior projects will speak about project topics. For those Professors not able to join us, Prof. Cortez will share summaries of projects they are interested in.

    She will also share additional details on the ME electives and talk with you about the upcoming fall term registration.

  • Week 4 - April 21st - TBA

    Juniors - watch your emails for these details...

  • Week 5 - April 28th - Union College competition teams

    Please join us to hear from the SAE competition team members as they will give highlights of their team's activities.

    Student participants of the SAE Aero will have just come back from their competition on April 14th - 16th and SAE Baja teams will be heading out to theirs on May 4th - 7th.

  • Week 6 - May 5th - Matt Bombardier (ME '10)

    Deputy Director of Advanced Module Engineering and STEM Team Lead -- Global Foundries...

  • Week 7 - Thursday May 11th - Not Friday due to Steinmetz Symposium

    All details are TBA via emails...

  • Week 8 - May 19th -Lynn Evans

    Director of Fellowships And Doctoral Pathways

  • Week 9 - May 26th - Alumni

    Mallory Epstein, ME class of 2020, will speak about Business and Engineering. Exploring an alternative career path through leveraging a mechanical engineering background in sales and management.

    David Bond, ME class of 2021 will speak about Data Analytics in Mechanical Engineering. A look at the application of programming principles to a mechanical engineering field, both to improve reliability and efficiency in analyzing gearbox designs.

  • Week 10 - June 2nd - MER-497 & 498 presentations