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English Department Fall course schedule by time and mode

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Fall 2020 English Courses

ENGLISH DEPT Fall ’20 Course Schedule (By Mode/Time)
In Person:

MWF 8:00
EGL 099 The Bible: An Introduction (Prof. Jenkins)

MWF 10:30
EGL 201 Shakespeare after 1600 (Prof. Jenkins)

MWF 11:45
EGL 267 Virginia Woolf (Prof. Mitchell)
EGL 294 Fiction Workshop (Prof. McAuliffe)

TTH 9:00
EGL 102-01/ATH 104 Study of Lit: Drama (Prof. Venning)
EGL 282 The Theory of Things (Prof. Murphy)

TTH 10:55
EGL 271 Dark Deeds: Crime in the Adirondacks (Prof. Murphy)


MWF 9:15
EGL 101-01 Study of Lit: Fiction (Prof. Kuhn)
EGL 102-03/ATH 104 Study of Lit: Drama (Prof. Wareh)
EGL 220 Romantic Revolution (Prof. Burkett)

MWF 10:30
EGL 202 Amazons, Saints and Scholars (Prof. Doyle)

MWF 11:45
EGL 101-02 Study of Lit: Fiction (Prof. Lewin)
EGL 102-03/ATH 104 Study of Lit: Drama (Prof. Wareh)

MWF 1:50
EGL 288 Film as Fictive Art (Prof. Troxell)

TTH 10:55
EGL 101-03 Study of Lit: Fiction (Prof. Bracken)

TTH 1:55
EGL 101-04 Study of Lit: Fiction (Prof. Bracken)
EGL 305 Jr. Seminar: Jane Austen (Prof. Doyle)


EGL 100-01 Study of Lit: Poetry (Prof. Tuon)
EGL 100-02 Study of Lit: Poetry (Prof. Lynes)
EGL 247 Studies in Modern Poets: Dylan & Cohen (Prof. Smith)
EGL 255 Asian-American Literature (Prof. Tuon)
EGL 280 Nature & Environmental Literature (Prof. Lynes)
EGL 400 Sr. Sem. Poetry Workshop (Prof. Smith)


MW 3:05-4:45
EGL 402 Honors Thesis I (Prof. Mitchell)

Experiential Education

W 3:00 -5:00
EXP 206 (EGL) Literature and Labor: Working during the Pandemic (Prof. McAuliffe)

Minervas Online

TTH 1:55
MIN 303 (GSW) Countering Homophobia: Critical Queer Culture (Prof. Mitchell)