"Focus on First Year" projects presented

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By: Maura Driscoll '15

A small group of students who applied and were selected over


the summer presented their “Focus on First Year” projects in the Nott Memorial on Wednesday.

Students chosen to participate are first-years who expressed a particular interest in photography.

The second annual “Focus on First Year” is a program where students with an interest in photography were able to explore their transitions to Union, as well as meet other first-years with similar interests as they met once a week to discuss their photographs.

This program incorporates various different themes to which the students’ pictures relate. These themes include What I Left Behind, My First Days, Confidence/Anxiety, My Union and My Transition. Each helps students share about their own experience and learn about others.

Vincenza Masherone ’15 said that the final project took around two and a half months to complete. “I’m so glad I did “Focus on First Year” because I met so many new people, and it really helped me realize my own transition here,” she said.