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On Thursday, John Garver, professor of geology, presented data to Congressman Paul Tonko’s Mighty Waters Task Force on the flooding of the Mohawk River. Garver shared water flow rates and the effects of extreme river flooding in the Capital Region. President Stephen C. Ainlay is a member of the Task Force’s Executive Committee and chairs the Research and Education Committee.

An article by Lewis Davis, associate professor of economics, and Emily LaCroix ’11, a current Minerva Fellow, has been published in Economics Bulletin. “Legal Origin and the Evolution of Environmental Quality” presents evidence on the rise and fall of per capita levels of sulfur dioxide in countries with common law and civil law legal traditions.

Nicholas Webb, visiting assistant professor of computer science, and Christopher Chabris, assistant professor of psychology, will be featured speakers at the TEDxAlbany conference, which mirrors the national ideas conference held annually in Long Beach, Calif.

Jillmarie Murphy, assistant professor of English, recently published her second book, “Monstrous Kinships: Realism and Attachment Theory in the Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Novel.” The book, by the University of Delaware Press, highlights the detrimental effects of parental obsession, industrialism, poverty and other topics on child characters in those eras.

“American Isolationism and the Coming of the Second World War,” a piece by Manfred Jonas, the John Bigelow Professor of History Emeritus, has been published as chapter 25 in The Origins of the Second World War: An International Perspective.

Kathleen LoGiudice, associate professor of biology, is featured in “Learning from Lyme,” a short documentary film made by the American Museum of Natural History on Lyme disease and biodiversity.

Andrew Morris, associate professor of history, wrote an article recently published in History of Psychology. “Psychic Aftershocks: Crisis Counseling and Disaster Relief Policy” analyzes the implementation of how crisis counseling became part of federally-supported disaster relief services.

An image taken by Nicole Theodosiou, assistant professor of biology, will be used in the North Carolina State Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh. Her photo of a skate embryo will be placed in a new wing of the museum featuring an interactive exhibit titled “Oceans.”

Associate Professor of Spanish Daniel Mosquera spoke at “Publishing Across the Disciplines” at Siena College. He talked about publishing in journals and met with a smaller group of junior faculty on specifically publishing in the Journal for Latin American Cultural Studies.

Ginny Caspar, program coordinator for International Programs, attended NAFSA’s Region VIII Conference for International Educators in Philadelphia. Some of the topics discussed include crisis management on-campus and abroad, visa updates and creative uses for social media in study abroad programs.

An article by Scott Kirkton, assistant professor of biology, was published last month in the Journal of Comparative Physiology B. The article, whose co-authors included Lauren Hennessey ’11 and Bridget Duffy ’08, examines how respiratory functions changed in grasshoppers as the insects molted.

Roman Yukilevich, assistant professor biology, recently gave a talk at the University of Kansas’ Ecology and Evolution Departmental Seminar. The talk was titled “On the Mode and Mechanism of Speciation in Drosophilia: Combining Comparative Studies with Theory to Resolve Old Controversies.” A paper on part of this work was accepted in the International Journal of Organic Evolution. That is titled “Asymmetrical Patterns of Speciation Uniquely Support Reinforcement in Drosophilia.”