Tenure committees formed

Publication Date

Ad-hoc committees are reviewing the tenure of 13 professors: Samuel Amanuel, Kenneth Aslakson, Rebecca Cortez, Holli Frey, Helen Hanson, Bradley Hays, David Hodgson, Katherine Lynes, Ashok Ramasubramanian, Michele Ricci Bell, Guillermina Seri, Kristina Striegnitz and Nicole Theodosiou Napier. Members of the campus community may submit written comments on their teaching, service or scholarship to committee members. Committees (with chairs listed first) are:

Samuel Amanuel (Physics)

Leo Fleishman (Biology – fleishml@union.edu), Seyfollah Maleki (Physics), Aaron Cass (Computer Science) and Felmon Davis (Philosophy)

Kenneth Aslakson (History)

Bruce Connolly (Schaffer Library – connollb@union.edu), Deidre Hill Butler (Sociology), Michael Hagerman (Chemistry) and John Cramsie (History)

Rebecca Cortez (Mechanical Engineering)

Mary Carroll (Chemistry – carrollm@union.edu), Bradford Bruno (Mechanical Engineering), John Spinelli (ECE) and Douglass Klein (Economics)

Holli Frey (Geology)

Tomas Dvorak (Economics – dvorakt@union.edu), Kurt Hollocher (Geology), Brenda Johnson (Mathematics) and William Keat (Mechanical Engineering)

Helen Hanson (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Christina Tonnesen-Friedman (Mathematics – tonnesec@union.edu), Shane Cotter (ECE), Ashraf Ghaly (Engineering) and David Ogawa (Visual Arts)

Bradley Hays (Political Science)

Robert Wells (History – wellsr@union.edu), Robert Hislope (Political Science), Robert Baker (Philosophy) and George Bizer (Psychology)

David Hodgson (Mechanical Engineering)

Michael Vineyard (Physics & Astronomy – vineyarm@uion.edu), Richard Wilk (Mechanical Engineering), Valerie Barr (Computer Science) and Lewis Davis (Economics)

Katherine Lynes (English)

Melinda Goldner (Sociology - goldnerm@union.edu), Jordan Smith (English), Timothy Olsen (Music) and Kimmo Rosenthal (Mathematics)

Ashok Ramasubramanian (Mechanical Engineering)

Thomas Jewell (Engineering – jewellt@union.edu), Andrew Rapoff (Mechanical Engineering), Stephen Romero (Psychology) and Kristin Bidoshi (Modern Languages)

Michele Ricci Bell (Modern Languages)

Bradley Lewis (Economics – lewisb@union.edu), William Garcia (Modern Languages), William Finlay (Theater & Dance) and Barbara Danowski (Biology)

Guillermina Seri (Political Science)

Martin Benjamin (Visual Arts – benjamim@union.edu), Zoe Oxley (Political Science), David Cotter (Sociology) and Rudy Nydegger (Psychology)

Kristina Striegnitz (Computer Science)

Alan Taylor (Mathematics – taylora@union.edu), Chris Fernandes (Computer Science), Yu Chang (ECE) and Junko Ueno (Modern Languages)

Nicole Theodosiou Napier (Biology)

Shelton Schmidt (Economics – schmidts@union.edu), Jeffrey Corbin (Biology), Rebecca Koopmann (Physics & Astronomy) and Cherrice Traver (ECE)