Student Spotlight: Alison Curley '16

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Hometown: Window Rock, Ariz.
Major: Organizing Theme (self-designed), titled "Cultural


Commerce: How History and Human Behavior Can Inform the Consumer Relationship (with studies in the departments of Anthropology, Art History, Economics, Psychology and Sociology)
Minor: Russian

Why Union:
When I saw the Nott Memorial, I lost my breath. I'd never seen a more striking building in my life. And the campus felt like home immediately, so I knew: This is where I want to go. The students made me feel so welcome and comfortable in a way other colleges I’d looked at didn't.

Most inspiring class:
First-Year Preceptorial, "U.S. Latino/American Literature." I loved reading about contemporary Latin American writers’ racial and immigration experiences. I’ve always identified as Navajo, but I’m also half Puerto Rican, and this course helped me touch base with that part of my heritage. Professor Garcia gave us readings that really flowed together.

Also excited about:
Taking a hip hop practicum next term

Student Ambassador, Ballroom Dance Club (vice president)

Favorite study spot:
The first floor classrooms in Bailey Hall

Three things I’m passionate about at Union:

  • The people.
  • The landscape. Coming from Arizona, I had never seen a campus as beautiful as this one. I truly love the historic campus plan.
  • The activities. With so many clubs and movies every single week, there’s never a time I can say I have nothing to do.

Other passions:
Sketching, playing viola, writing, dancing

Most surprising thing about Union:
It was surprising to see how much my professors were interested in me. Like Professor Garcia – when I went to meet about my essay, we talked about it for 15 minutes, and then we dove into more personal things, like where I was from and my interests. Professors here really do care.

Looking into the future:
I have two dreams: to work for Google someday and to write a young adult novel.

Advice for incoming students:
Don't worry about fitting in. It's about you and Union fitting together, so be yourself, whoever you are.