Student Spotlight: Maria Dreeszen '14

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Hometown: Revere, Mass.
Major: Religious Studies (on a pre-dental track)
Minor: Dance

Why Union:
I was selected as a finalist for a Posse Scholarship and decided to visit Union. I got "the feeling" everyone told me I would get when I found the school for me. It all seemed to fit: the small classes, friendly students, relaxed atmosphere, beautiful campus. Thankfully, I did get chosen as a Posse Scholar and am so grateful.

Most inspiring class:
The Healthcare Practicum. I had the opportunity to shadow at the Ellis Dental Clinic and Ellis Medical Center. Interacting with patients and professionals, I learned invaluable lessons about the healthcare system and dentistry.

Also excited about:
My mini-term to Bali to study performing arts and culture – an experience of unforgettable moments, lifelong friends and full cultural immersion.

Favorite study spot:
The third floor of the Nott Memorial – it's so quiet and relaxing.

Three things I'm passionate about at Union:
1. Academics
2. Clubs/extracurriculars
3. Volunteering

Most surprising thing about Union:
Even with so many different groups (Greeks, theme houses, Minerva Houses) we remain as one student body. We all have our separate affiliations but everyone is friends with everyone.

Greatest Union moment:
The Dutchmen Dip fundraiser. Kaitlyn Suarez and I, co-presidents of Colleges Against Cancer, planned this event and raised more than $10,000 for Kristen Shinebarger, the 10-year-old daughter of a Union employee. We set up a pool outside the Fieldhouse, and students jumped in when it was 30 degrees and snowing. I’ll never forget the smile on Kristen’s and her family's faces that day or how the Union College community came together for this little girl.