People in the news - October 16, 2014

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Marcus Rogers, assistant director of dance, has been chosen as one of 10 finalists for a national competition, “So, You Think You Can Choreograph,” sponsored by the professional modern dance company, Nacre. The contest will showcase the finalists’ choreography performed live at Spa Little Theatre in Saratoga Springs Nov. 1 at 8 p.m. Two winners will be chosen by audience vote. Each will receive a paid position to choreograph on Nacre’s dancers. The company is based in Saratoga. Rogers’s contemporary solo, “Euphoric Desolation,” will be danced at the showcase by Alexis Kuentzel. It will compete against works by choreographers from Brooklyn, New York, Philadelphia, Milwaukee and Lansing, Mich.

Francis Wilkin, lecturer in physics and manager of the College’s observatory, explained the significance and cause of a blood moon in a recent article in the Times Union. Read the story here.

Bunkong Tuon, associate professor of English, gave a reading at the Bowery Poetry Club in New York City Sept. 15 for the NYQ Reading Series. Tuon recently published his poetry in Misfit Magazine and Silver Birch Press’s Mythic Poetry Series.