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A 38-person team from the College recently participated in the CDPHP Workforce Team Challenge in Albany. Alan Taylor, the Marie Louise Bailey Professor of Mathematics, was the top finisher from the Union team. He was followed closely by Shawn Shopmeyer and David Sindoni, both of ITS, Matt Malatesta of Admissions and Shane Cotter of Engineering. Karoline Sears, associate director of Student Activities, was the top female finisher from Union. She was followed closely by Susan Niefield of Mathematics, Michelle Pawlowski of the Dean of Students office, Laura Persico of Minerva Programs and Christine Calistri from Wicker Wellness Center.

An essay collection co-edited by Andrew Burkett, assistant professor of English, will be out early next year. Romantic Circles Praxis will publish Multi-Media Romanticisms. Burkett also co-authored the introduction with his collaborator, James Brooke-Smith from the University of Ottawa.

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