Campus pauses to reflect on 9/11

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The campus community paused to reflect Sunday on the 10th


anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks with a day of remembrance, “Building Bridges toward Better Understanding.”

More than 100 faculty, staff and students gathered in the Nott Memorial for the 30-minute event. Students were barely older than nine or 10 at the time of the attacks, but a handful shared their thoughts on the horrible tragedy and the lessons that could be learned.

Attendees filled out index cards with their ideas for building bridges on campus this academic year. The cards were placed around a replica of a bridge made of Styrofoam and fabric built by Elite Williams ’13 and Sulay Lora ’12, along with Kenney Center Director Angela Tatem and assistant Marissa Tanner.

Sunday’s event was organized by Viki Brooks, director of the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life and campus Protestant minister, and Gretchel Hathaway, senior director of Campus Diversity and Affirmative Action.

Losses to the Union family included: Thomas Duffy '71; Andrew Fredericks '83; Peter Freund '77; Donald Kauth '74; Alexander Steinman '91; Christopher Quackenbush, husband of Traci S. Quackenbush '80; Timothy Haviland, brother of David Haviland '83; Arlene Fried, mother of Allison Fried '02; and James Patrick, brother of Kevin Patrick, former assistant hockey coach.

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