People in the news - September 9, 2015

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Professor Carol Weisse, director of Health Professions, and Rhona Beaton, assistant director of Health Professions, presented “Developing Service-based Learning Opportunities that Promote Reflection and Interprofessional Communication,” an interactive session that was telecast nationally at the annual meeting of the Northeast Association of Advisors to the Health Professions. Beaton described her community placements for students, including new sites for chiropractic medicine, physical therapy and dentistry. Beaton and Weisse also offered a workshop, “Developing and Implementing an MCAT Review Course to Incorporate the New Foundational Concepts.” Weisse also presented a poster “Engaging Students in End of Life Care: Cultivating a Community of Compassionate Caregivers” with Kathryn Martin '17and Dr. Geri Aitken '88. In addition, Weisse was awarded the conference’s Buck Hill ’68 Award for her work promoting better advising of health professions students and her initiatives engaging students in hospice work.

Scott Kirkton, associate professor of biology, has received a $380,000 National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation Award for the acquisition of a high-resolution micro-computed tomography system. This project will enhance the work of the College’s STEM programs by leading students through exciting, hands-on µCT imaging with associated 3-D printing modules.

Ann Anderson, the Agnes S. MacDonald Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and Mary Carroll ‘86, professor of chemistry, with co-author Leah Smith ‘14 have published a paper, "Preparation of vanadia-containing aerogels by rapid supercritical extraction for applications in catalysis." It will be published in a forthcoming issue of the Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology. The National Science Foundation supported the experiments described in the paper. Smith is currently in the Materials Science and Engineering graduate program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

An article by Andrew Huisman, assistant professor of chemistry, was recently published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions. The piece is titled, “Viscous Organic Aerosol Particles in the Upper Troposphere: Diffusivity-Controlled Water Uptake and Ice Nucleation.”

Assistant Professor Andrew Burkett's book, Romantic Mediations: Media Theory and British Romanticism, is under contract with SUNY Press. The book investigates the ways in which Romantic imaginative literature and art become transformed by incipient media systems such as negative-positive photography, phonography, moving images and digital media.

Work by Martin Benjamin, the William D. Williams Professor of Visual Arts, will be on display at Vicolo dell’Oro in Firenze, Italy. The collection of photographs, titled “A.R.T. – American Road Trips,” won LIFE Magazine’s Bicentennial Photography Contest in 1973 in the professional category. The exhibit runs Oct. 2-22.

Samuel Amanuel, associate professor of physics and astronomy, presented a paper on heat of fusion of nano crystals at the fifth European conference on crystal growth held in Bologna, Italy. Alex Clain ‘15 and Caleb Novins ‘15 are co-authors of the paper.