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Three professors and a student in the Department of Physics and Astronomy presented their research at the 25th International Conference on the Application of Accelerators in Research and Industry in Grapevine, Texas. Heather Watson, the John D. MacArthur Assistant Professor, gave a talk, “Diffusion in Sulfide and Sulfate Minerals with Planetary Applications.” Michael Vineyard, the Frank and Marie Louise Bailey Professor of Physics, presented “PIXE Analysis of Synthetic Turf.” Scott LaBrake, senior lecturer of physics and astronomy, and Sajju Chalise ’19 delivered an oral presentation, “Distribution of Heavy Metals Along New York’s East River.” Chalise also presented a poster at the conference. Much of the research presented by the Union team was performed in the College’s Ion-Beam Analysis Laboratory.

An essay by Deidre Hill Butler, associate professor of sociology, was published in a new book, Michelle Obama’s Impact on African American Women and Girls. Butler’s essay, “Multiple Sclerosis: An Unintended Motivator for First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Deidre Hill Butler,” discusses how multiple sclerosis impacted career and mothering choices for both the professor and the former first lady.

Research by Lewis Davis, professor of economics, and Megan Reynolds '16 was featured on NPR's “Academic Minute.” The segment addresses the role of gendered language in educational gender inequality. To listen, click here.

Robert Hislope, associate professor of political science, contributed a chapter to the newly released book, “Teaching the Beatles.” His chapter is titled “The Beatles Against Machiavelli: Is It Better to Be Loved or Feared?” The book is co-edited by Hugh Jenkins, professor of English.

A new video focusing on Union’s Aerogel Lab is featured on YouTube. The piece features Mary Carroll, the Dwane W. Crichton Professor of Chemistry, Ann Anderson, the Agnes S. MacDonald Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and several students who have since graduated, including Samuel Kleinberg ’16, Luisa Posada ’17, Adam Forti ’17, Jacob Cetnar ’17 and Jeremy Manus ’17. Watch the video here.

Anastasia Pease, senior lecturer in English, has recently published two papers. They are “The Other Ursula Le Guin: History and Time in the Orsinian Tales,” in The Athenaeum Review, and “Russians in the Early Stories of Vladimir Nabokov” in Forming the Images of Russia and Russians in Western Discourses of the 20th and 21st Centuries.

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