People in the news – Week of Jan. 17, 2020

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A paper by Lewis Davis, professor of economics, and KennethK.R.” White ’16 was published in Public Choice. The paper, “Is Justice Blind? Evidence from Federal Corruption Convictions,” finds that the number of federal corruption convictions in a state falls by nine percent when a state's governor belongs to the same political party as the U.S. president. This finding is consistent with the partisan exercise of prosecutorial discretion by U.S. attorneys. White is currently a doctoral candidate in political science at Brown University.

A paper by Ali Hamed, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, was published in Journal of Turbulence. The paper, “Turbulence Structure of Boundary Layers Perturbed by Isolated and Tandem Roughness Elements," is co-authored by mechanical engineering student Adam Peterlein '20. Read the article here.

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