Salutatorian Jonathan Hanna

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Johnny Hannah

Salutatorian Jonathan Hanna

Hometown: Phoenixville, Pa.

Major: Computer science

Activities: Computer science head Tutor, data analytics help desk, Seward Fellowship Research, Phi Beta Kappa

Favorite class: Minds and Machines with Professor Bergamaschi Ganapini. As a computer science major, I have found that it is easy to get lost in and difficult to look beyond the highly technical nature of my field. Professor Bergamaschi Ganapini’s lectures and our class discussions in Minds and Machines allowed me to understand broader perennial questions on computation, artificial intelligence and the human mind.

What I’ll miss the most: My friends, professors and everyone in the community who has made Union such a great and supportive place in which to learn and grow.

Advice for incoming students: Take advantage of the manifold academic and social opportunities Union has to offer. This is the best time to discover, explore, and ultimately, learn. Your time at Union will go by very quickly, so make the most of it while you are here.

Life after Union: I plan on spending a couple of years working as a software engineer before pursuing a master’s in computer science, with a focus on artificial intelligence.