Class of 2020 student speaker: Jose Dolores Valdivieso

Publication Date

Hometown: Houston, Texas, although I was born in Minatitlan Veracruz, Mexico.


Major: Biomedical engineering

Activities: Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES), Enable U, TEDx Union, Club Rugby, Undergraduate Research Fellow, Union Student Technical Assistance Resource (USTAR). I am passionate about public speaking, including spoken word and comedy. I am a big fan of soccer and rugby.

Favorite class: My favorite class was Medical Imaging taught by Takashi Buma. He fostered a challenging and interactive academic setting while establishing an expectation in performance that as a class we would strive to meet.

What I'll miss most: The academic atmosphere and liberty that comes with higher education. Being able to have most of my needs for physical and mental health, such as the cafeteria, gym or library be readily accessible to me is a luxury that I appreciated.

Advice for incoming students: Make great memories with even greater people.

Life after Union: I am currently in Orlando, Fla. acting as a scientific informatics analyst at Accenture’s Scientific Informatics Services.