People in the news - week of May 27, 2022

Publication Date

Lewis Davis, the Thomas Armstrong Professor of Economics, has published an article in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. Coauthored with Claudia Williamson, "Individualism and Women's Economic Rights" provides evidence that women have greater economic rights in more individualist societies. The article draws on roles of climate and disease in cultural evolution to argue that this relationship is likely causal.

An article by Saladdin Ahmed, visiting assistant professor of political science, was published in Marxism & Science. "The Cost of Freedom in the Neoliberal World of Blood and Oil" focuses on Putin's war against Ukrainians and NATO's role in creating the current situation. The article rejects the binary logic of war and mass starvation, exposes the false assumptions behind the policy of imposing economic sanctions, and argues for the imperativeness of an international peace movement in solidarity with both the Ukrainian victims and the silenced Russians.

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