For the Record -- Week of Oct. 14, 2022

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Two essays by Lori Marso, the Doris Zemurray Stone Professor of Modern Literary and Historical Studies, have been reposted by the Los Angeles Review of Books in honor of French author Annie Ernaux, winner of this year’s Nobel Prize in Literature. “Unbecoming Women” can be accessed here. “Feeling Like a Feminist with Audrey Diwan’s ‘Happening’” can be accessed here.

Six Union students presented research posters on Oct. 2, 2022 at the Northeast Regional Meeting (NERM) of the American Chemical Society in Rochester, N.Y.

  • Luke Kilby ’23, a mechanical engineering major, presented a poster titled “Fabrication and Testing of Reduced Graphene Oxide Micro Supercapacitor: An Experimental Study.”
  • Spencer Hartfield ’24, ME, presented a poster titled “Effects of high valence metal cations on the properties of graphene oxide.”
  • Katelyn Olsson ’23, ME, “Using Al3+ to Improve the Aqueous Stability of Graphene Oxide Membranes.”
  • Xiaoyu Hu ’23, a biology major, presented a poster titled “Oxidation state dependent improvement on modified Graphene Oxide composite membrane: Iron & Copper”
  • Chau Tran Minh ’24, a biomedical engineering major, presented a poster titled “Can we control nanoparticle peptoid nanosheets by changing the concentration of the gold nanoparticles?”
  • Minh Nguyen ’24, ME, presented a poster titled “Surface Tension measurement of conductive ink for printed sensor improvement.”

The students were accompanied by their advisors, Yijing Stehle, assistant professor of mechanical engineering; Brandon Schabes, lecturer of chemistry, who gave a talk titled “Using Smartphones to Facilitate Democracy in a Large Classroom;” and Ellen Robertson, assistant professor of chemistry, who gave a talk titled “Peptoid Nanosheet synthesis at the oil-water interface: a generalizable route for producing freely-floating metal Nanoparticle arrays.” Prof. Robertson also hosted the physical chemistry session of the conference.

Bunkong Tuon, associate professor of English, has contributed poetry to Out of the Shadows of Angkor: Cambodian Poetry, Prose, and Performance Through the Ages, an anthology of classic and contemporary poets, writers, artists, and musicians from Cambodia and the diaspora. The collection is published by the University of Hawaii Press.

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