Let’s be brief; acronyms defined

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Acronyms of Union

YNK when it will come in handy, but FYI, HR has developed a glossary of acronyms.

U know, those abbreviations for committees, programs and departments that seem to be all over UC.

SRSLY, they may save us some time when we’re typing an email or chatting on the sidewalk. But to some PPL, P&P sounds like a supermarket. It’s not.

“We love our acronyms at Union College,” begins the preamble to HR’s list. “Acronyms are a great way to shorten words, but only if other members of our community know what they stand for.”

To see the list, visit the HR website. To submit an acronym, contact Francesca Callahan in HR.


YNK – You never know
FYI – For your information
HR – Human Resources
U – You
UC – Union College
SRSLY – Seriously
PPL – People
P&P – Planning and Priorities Committee
TTYL – Talk to you later