Making a digital difference: Clara Boesch '14

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Major: American studies
Minor: Film studies
Further information: Bard Graduate Center
Today: Manager, digital experience, Guggenheim Museum

If you’ve visited the Guggenheim recently, chances are you’ve encountered some of Clara Boesch’s work. She’s the one in charge of producing the museum’s audio guides and app, as well as managing the general Guggenheim app.

A member of the digital department there, Boesch’s job is inherently interdisciplinary.

“I strategize with others on my team and in other departments about the stories we want to tell in the digital/physical space. It’s a bit like producing a documentary,” she explained. “I do research, organize and conduct interviews, develop scripts, plan recording sessions and work with editors and musicians. Each project has to balance different perspectives, from the artist to the curatorial team, visitor experience team and funders.”

“My colleagues come from very different backgrounds and have very different roles than I do—from their experiences in education, community development, sustainability, fundraising, marketing, engineering and so on,” she added. “Museums and the art world are interdisciplinary places. And I think today, especially art museums are rethinking their roles in their communities and how to be more relevant. Effective interdisciplinary thinking can certainly support that and push ahead change and innovate ideas.”

“The Business of Visual Arts and Visual Culture, Race and Gender gave a great foundation to the art world. I took some excellent film classes to explore my interest in storytelling, media and production, and some courses in digital art,” she said. “I also took part in the Civil Rights mini-term, thinking critically about race in American public history, which is incredibly relevant to museum work today, not to mention the world at large.”