Painting & teaching: Kimberly Ferguson '15

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Major: Studio fine arts
Minor: Africana studies
Today: Freelance artist and educator

“Union really opened my world to what I can do with art,” Kimberly Ferguson said. “I didn’t know exactly what I wanted in a career, but I knew art had to be a part of my life.”

At Union, Ferguson was introduced to oil painting, 35mm photography, digital art and printmaking.

“I also learned incredible art history, which gave me an appreciation for past artists, their work and their connection to world history,” she said. “And I studied abroad in Florence. All of this helped shape the artist I am today.”

After graduating, Ferguson worked for years in education and the arts in the New York City area, including as a teacher and workshop leader at the Hudson River Museum and the Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art & Storytelling. She loved teaching art, history and science as well as creative projects relating to light.

All along, she’d been embracing her own art, as well. She works primarily in watercolor, taking an abstract approach with nods to nature. She appreciates seeing the movement of the pigments across the paper, especially when they create surprising flows or textures.

“I strive to create a balance between organic forms and deliberate brushstrokes,” she said. “I also enjoy experimenting with different techniques and mediums, including ink, acrylic and oil.”

As Ferguson became more serious about making art a part of her everyday routine, her passion evolved into a business. She now sells her paintings, art prints and greeting cards on her website, and she recently started a YouTube channel and a blog about her art and museum experiences.

“I learned a lot about art at Union, but I also learned a lot from frequent practicing. I am still adapting and growing,” she said.

“I paint in a small watercolor sketchbook almost every day. I work from my imagination, or I paint what I see, often using photos from trips I’ve taken. Sometimes I set a goal to intentionally practice painting something, such as a still life.

“Or I just go with the flow.”

Learn more about Ferguson on her website.

An example of Kimberly Ferguson's artwork.