For the Record - Week of Jan. 12, 2024

Publication Date

Joyce Madancy, professor of history, was published in the The Oxford Handbook of Commodity History. Her chapter is entitled “Producing Drug Histories: Conquest and Commerce, Culture and Control.”

Kimmo Rosenthal, professor emeritus of mathematics, has two essays accepted for publication. "The Weighing of an Essay" is forthcoming in BigCityLit. It is an essay about essay writing drawing on the work of Brian Dillon, Merve Emre, Elizabeth Hardwick, and William Gass. "Writer/Ghost," which will be appearing in Tiny Molecules, discusses the complex relationship between the "implied author," knowable only from the text itself, and the "breathing author," who exists apart from the text.

A paper by Hasan Al Babaa, visiting assistant professor of mechanical engineering, was published in JASA Express Letters and is featured as the cover of the December issue. The paper is entitled, “Brillouin-zone definition in non-reciprocal Willis monatomic lattices.” Brillouin-zone definition pertaining to periodic systems is well-established and widely accepted in research communities. However, such zones breakdown in the presence of non-reciprocity. This paper addresses such a challenge and analytically introduces a more accurate definition of Brillouin zones for non-reciprocal monatomic lattices with Willis coupling.

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