Philosophy Department


Caitlyn Tabor ’18, law school and bioethics graduate student

Alum Caitlyn Tabor

Caitlyn Tabor ’18, law school and bioethics graduate student: “The Philosophy Department at Union is filled with some of the brightest, kindest, most dedicated and driven people. They taught me to think in a different way, and this skill has benefited me in and out of the classroom. Employers and admissions committees at academic institutions are impressed with the skills that a philosophy degree from Union affords students.”

Nate West ’14, officer, New York Police Department

Alum Nate West

Nate West ’14, officer, New York Police Department: “Being a philosophy major was one of the best decisions I ever made. It made me smarter, a better writer and a better person. In my job as a police officer, having a deep background in philosophy allows me to consider different viewpoints and try to come to the best logical reasoning in everything that I do.”

Jacob Lebowitz ’14, law school student

Alum Jacob Lebowitz

Jacob Lebowitz ’14, law school student: “Studying philosophy has been key to my personal and professional development. The critical thinking and analytical skills I learned in every philosophy course has helped me excel in law school and given me greater insight into how people think. Expressing this sentiment in job interviews is something I feel has separated me from other candidates.”