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Jenny Malatras

Job Title
Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology
Bailey Hall 313

Research interests

My research interests focus on the influences of the family environment on child and adolescent adjustment, with particular attention to the influence of parenting practices on self-regulatory processes, including emotion regulation and health-related behaviors and outcomes.

Teaching interests

Professor Malatras teaches courses in Clinical Psychology focusing on disorders, intervention, and clinical internship.



Israel, A.C., Malatras, J.W., & Wicks-Nelson, R. (2021) Abnormal Child and Adolescent Psychology, 9th ed. Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group.

PUBLICATIONS IN PEER REVIEWED JOURNALS (*denotes student collaborators)

*Scharff, A., *Breiner, C.E., *Ueno, L.F., *Underwood, S.B., *Merritt, E.C., *Welch, L.M., Fonda, C., Malatras, J.W., Lin, B., Hormes, J.M., Pieterse, A.L., Gordis, E.B., Halpern, L.F., *Pazienza, M.S., & Litchford, G.B. (2020). Shifting a training clinic to teletherapy during the COVID-19 pandemic: A trainee perspective. Counselling Psychology Quarterly. DOI: 10.1080/09515070.2020.1786668

Malatras, J.W., Israel, A.C., Sokolowski, K.L., & Ryan, J. (2016). First things first: Family activities and routines, time management and attention. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 47, 23-29.

Malatras, J.W. & Israel, A.C. (2013). The influence of family stability on self-control and adjustment. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 69, 661-670.

Malatras, J.W., Luft, I.R., Sokolowski, K.L., & Israel, A.C. (2012). Family stability as a moderator of the relationship between family life changes and sleep behavior. Open Journal of Preventive Medicine, 2, 149-156.

Sheppard, S.C., Malatras, J.W., & Israel, A.C. (2010). The impact of deployment on U.S. military families. American Psychologist, 65, 599-609.


Additional media

Areas of interest

Clinical psychology, with specialization in pediatric psychology and interests in emotion regulation, parenting, and prevention.

Academic credentials

B.S., Cornell University; M.A.; Ph.D. University at Albany, State University of New York