Templeton Institute Course Awards

Call for AY 24-25 Templeton Institute Courses

The Templeton Institute (TI) is excited to announce its continued support of TI courses. The TI plans to support 2-3 courses during AY 24-25. These can be courses that currently exist and meet the guidelines or that can be modified to meet them. Alternatively, these may be new courses that satisfy the TI guidelines.


  1. To qualify, the course should align with the TI mission: "The Institute catalyzes learning through a dynamic environment that fosters collaboration within and across engineering, computer science, and traditional liberal arts disciplines. Its mission is to enable connections, experimentation, innovation, and discovery through integrative coursework, projects, and research."

  2. Courses should address contemporary and emerging societal challenges.

  3. Preference will be given to courses that could be offered again in the future.

  4. Faculty interested in teaching a TI course should prepare a proposal that includes a syllabus with a course description and learning objectives that reflect the mission of the TI. The proposal must also include details of plans for longevity of the course as well as the expectations regarding students’ prior experience and academic background necessary for enrolling in the course.

  5. Please send course proposals to templeton@union.edu by Jan. 15 2024.


  • Stipend for new course $1,500 per faculty
  • Modifying existing course $750 per faculty
  • Full teaching credit for each faculty when the class is team-taught
  • Funding up to $500 for external speakers


Those proposals that align well with the new General Education curriculum will be more favorably considered.

Meetings with faculty teaching TI classes in AY 23-24 (i.e, STS-101) are strongly encouraged.

Team-taught classes are strongly encouraged and will be given higher priority; however, classes that are not team taught will also be considered. Proposers are invited to contact TI Co-directors Ashok Ramasubramanian and Andrew Burkett with their ideas.