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Education and training are important aspects of a healthy Title IX culture. The Title IX Office works to training the various populations within the Union College community including student groups, teams, and organizations, faculty divisions, and staff departments. Members of the Title IX team including the Deputy Title IX Coordinators, investigators, and hearing panelists undergo special annual trainings to ensure they are facilitating all College procedures effectively.

Trainings facilitated by the Title IX Office can be found below. If you are looking for the Title IX Office to facilitate a training or workshop for you, please complete the Title IX Training & Request Form below.


Employee Training & Education

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

In compliance with New York State HR laws, employees of the College undergo sexual harassment prevention training to learn about preventing and reporting sexual harassment in employment.

What Do You Mean By Mandatory? Responsible Employees at Union College

All employees at Union College, except those deemed confidential resources, are considered Responsible Employees. This training session discusses the who, what, when, where, and why or reporting obligations.

Title IX Team Training & Education

Member of the Title IX team including the Title IX Coordinator, Deputy Title IX Coordinators, investigators, and hearing panelists undergo annual training to ensure the equitable facilitation of our procedures incompliance with New York State and federal law.

Student Conduct Institute Posted Training

NASPA Title IX Certification Training

Institutional Member Student Conduct Institute

Additional Educational Resources

Educational Resources

The following resources may provide additional education or assistance regarding gender-based misconduct related topics. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Title IX Coordinator.

Sexual Assault Awareness & Safety Explained for International Students by ISI