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  • your questions
  • concerns
  • requests for assistance

Help us, help you with

  • The Web Communications Help Desk should be your first point of contact.
  • Make sure you are emailing the correct account: if you need help with and NOT
  • Details matters. Include links to the web page(s) you are editing. Screen captures are also a good way to provide context. (Additional pointers may be found below.)
  • Be proactive. Take advantage of the bi-weekly Zoom sessions to get comfortable with the system.

Web address of the page you need help with or the address of your office/dept./program homepage.
Description of what you need help with (examples below)

Creating a new page

  • Page title?
  • Include a link to the page in the menu?

Finding a document in the media library to replace with a new version

  • Provide a page that is currently linking to the document.<br /

Editing and uploading an image

  • Attach a high resolution of the image to the email.
  • Provide the page where the image should be embedded.
  • What size should the image be? Full screen width?&nbsp; ½ screen width, ¼ screen width

Do you need a new user to be given access to your organization?

  • What is the new user’s name and email address?
  • Are there any individuals who we should remove from the access list?

Do you have a new faculty/staff member to add to your organization?

  • Create a new Faculty or Staff profile by going to Workbench, Create Content, Faculty or Staff. Fill in all the information and scroll down to the bottom and click save.
  • Send us a 500 px X 500 px profile image and we will add the profile image to your newly created Faculty or Staff profile page.

Did you encounter an error when using the site?

  • What was the error message?
  • Is it possible to take a screenshot to attach to your email?